Saint Nicholas Day

Unique winter holiday gifts, perfect for December 6th, the day of Saint Nicholas. Here you will find the perfect gift for this occasion for a child or an adult, personalized however you wish.

Saint Nicholas Day

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3D wooden holiday card manufactured by MrGift, with a special Christmas graphic with a reindeer and a Christmas tree, which can be personalized by engraving with any requested name. Surprise your loved ones with a simple but stylish gift for this Christmas!

Size: 10,5 x 14,8 cm.

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Bamboo Thermos with Filter

Price lei130.00

Bamboo thermos with filter and stainless steel interior. The bamboo parts - the exterior and the lid - can be personalized through engraving with a short text or graphic. With the right personalization it can be a superb gift for diverse occasions, such as Easter, Christmas, birthdays etc. 

Price contains the personalization through engraving on the entire circumference of the flask.

Capacity: 400 ml, size:  Ø6.5 X 20 cm.

Sacosa din Bumbac Rosu cu Maner Lung - bumbac 100%, grosime: 105 g/mp, material rezistent. Un accesoriu perfect pentru cadouri.

Dimensiuni sacosa: 38 X 42 cm

Cute Santa plushie made of 100% polyester. Height: 42 cm. It can be the perfect Christmas gift for anyone. Its white part can be personalized with any image, text or graphic, the price contains the personalizaition.

A complex Christmas gift package for your grandpa: it contains a Christmas tree globe with a message, a set of playing cards, a multi-tool, a mini 50 ml bottle of plum brandy, and a 30 ml stainless steel shotglass, all arranged in a wooden box with a size of 21 x 15 x 8.5 cm. The lid of the box can be personalized through printing or engraving, with any requested message or graphic.

A complex Christmas gift for grandmothers, containing the following: a personalized ceramic mug, a 250 ml jar of honey, a house-shaped ceramic candle holder, fine chocolates, a Christmas globe with a message for grandmothers, and a personalized red kitchen apron, all arranged in a wooden box with a size of  27 x 25 x 30 cm. The price contains all personalizations.

"Snowman" Cotton Gift Bag

Price lei23.00

Christmas gift bag made of 100% cotton with a stylish winter holiday snowman motif, size: 38x45 cm, closes with a cord. The perfect packaging for any holiday gift.

"Merry Christmas" sublimation mug. This ceramic mug is a special one, as it can be personalized with anything you request, a photograph or a special text. The interior of the mug is already personalized with Christmas greetings, the exterior is white, this is where your chosen text and/or photo will go. The personalization is included in the price.

Size: fi = 8 cm, height = 9.5 cm.

Capacity: 0.32 L.

"Christmas Surprise" gift package, containing various holiday-themed products arranged in a gift box, with a size of 18x26x10 cm. It contains a pair of earmuffs, a red or blue Christmas pattern thermos, a pencil with a Santa-shaped eraser, and a 30x150 cm polar scarf, available in various colors. It is a special, complex Christmas or winter holiday gift. On request the thermos can be personalized through engraving, with a short text, a name or an important date. Please specify the color of the thermos you wish to purchase when placing your order.

"Christmas with Flutti" gift package - a special gift for the winter holidays, or a winter birthday. Contains the following: a 310 ml thermos with winter motifs (red or blue), a Flutti snowman gift box (also red or blue) filled with fine chocolates, and a wooden domino game with winter pattern, all placed in a gift bag decorated with Santa's belt, the size of which is 224 x 160 x 85 mm.

The thermos and the lid of the domino game can be personalized by engraving, the price of the engraving on one surface is 10 lei.

"North Star" gift package in wooden box, an exceptional gift for any winter holiday. Contains a compass, an electric lighter, a 250 ml plum brandy, and a special, 8 cl stainless steel shotglass. The box can be personalized through engraving with a short text, and the label on the brandy bottle can be personalized with any requested text, image and/or graphic.

Box size: diameter - 23 cm, height - 5,5 cm.

Christmas Candle Holder

Price lei22.00

Christmas candle holder in an elegant packaging, tied with a red ribbon, containing a tea light. Candle holder size: Ø 5 × 6,3 cm.

Lito White Desk Clock

Price lei118.00

White MDF desk clock with a built-in pen holder, and a clock displaying the time, date and temperature, in elegant white LED light. The clock works with three AAA batteries, which are NOT included in the purchase. It can be personalized by UV printing or engraving.

Size: 123 x 61 x 63 mm.

Bamboo Desk Clock

Price lei116.00

Desk clock with a built-in pen holder, made of high-quality bamboo, showing the date, time and temperature with a white LED light on a black base, which gives it a certain elegance. The clock functions with three AAA batteries, which are NOT included in the product. It can be personalized by engraving or UV printing.

Size: 123 x 61 x 63 mm

Round Metal Christmas Box

Price lei37.00

Round metal gift box with a special winter design; it can be personalized by engraving with any requested short text, or a name, to become something special and personal.

Size: ⌀ 135 x 155 mm

Smiley anti-stress keychain made of plastic, with a 4 cm diameter and metallic ring. A simple, but cute accessory for any gift package.

CAN NOT be personalized.

Christmas Pattern Scarf

Price lei58.00

Scarf with a Christmas pattern, made of synthetic material, very soft and comfortable to wear, available in different colors.

Size: 200 x 40 cm.

Men's wallet made of quality leather in brown, with spaces for banknotes, small change, business cards or other documents, and a clasp for closing. It is packaged in an elegant cardboard box.

Size: 12x2.5x9 cm. One side is already personalized with a horse graphic, the other side can also be personalized through engraving with a short text.

Santa's Bag of Gifts

Price lei88.00

Santa Claus-themed gift package, containing a Christmas-themed gift bag made of synthetic material, a Domino game with Christmas patterns, a Santa pencil, chocolate and a plastic toy car full of sweets.

Size: 200 x 220 mm, handle length: 340 mm.

Holiday Door Wreath

Price lei78.00

Natural door wreath (diam.: 30 cm), decorated with dried plants, glass globes and specific holiday elements, including a wooden rocking horse (12*10cm), finished with Iceland moss. It is perfect for welcoming guests during the winter holidays.

As each MrGift arrangement is unique, there can be small differences compared to the initial photo.

Ceramic mug with 8 cm diameter and 9,5 cm height, with special Christmas graphic, containing a Poly doll with fabric legs and a height of 9 cm, glass globes and dried plants, decorated with Iceland moss and artificial pine. Arrangement height: 17,5 cm. With such a gift you can make a special impression on your family or friends... bringing with you the spirit of the holidays. The mug can be personalized with any requested text or image, the price contains the personalization.

Reindeer Ceramic Bell

Price lei28.00

Ceramic bell with a reindeer motif, for the festive table. A great accessory for any holiday gift. Size: 8 x 8 x14 cm.

White Holiday Arrangement

Price lei65.00

White holiday arrangement, created on a white star-shaped metallic plate with a 15 cm diameter, containing a 6 x 11 cm whitle candle with a rustic look to it, dried plants, small Christmas globes and other winter holiday decorations, finished with Iceland moss.

Arrangement size: 15 x 11 cm. A special arrangement for your loved ones or for the Christmas table.

As each MrGift arrangement is unique, there can be small differences compared to the photo.

Christmas Gift Box

Price lei9.00

Christmas gift box made of high-quality thick cardboard, in red and white, with Christmas patterns, decorated even on the interior. It can be filled with sweets, or any other gift for those important to you. The lid can be personalized by printing with a short text.

Box size: 98 x 97 x 49 mm.

This Christmas tree bulb is made of white plastic, with a red Christmas pattern.

Diameter: 4.4 cm.

Kariban brand hoodie with a kangaroo pocket, personalized with a "Merry Christmas" graphic. Material: 80% cotton, 20% polyester, thickness: 280 g/sqm.

It is a durable piece of clothing, very comfortable to wear.

Personalized clothing needs to be washed by hand, turned inside out, at max. 30 degrees Celsius, DO NOT use bleach, DO NOT iron over the printing !!!

Sizes:           XS         S         M        L         XL       2XL      3XL      4XL

Size in cm: 64/49   66/52  68/55  70/58   72/61   74/64   77/68   79/71

Gunter Pocketknife

Price lei41.00

Beaver brand pocketknie made of stainless steel and wood, ideal for those who love hiking trips and gathering mushrooms. It can be closed, making it easy to transport safely. On request the wooden part can be personalized, with a short text.

Size when closed: 11,5x1,3x2,6 cm

Glass mug with matte finish, snowflake pattern and a smiley face on the bottom of the mug.

Size: Ø 7,9 x 8,1 cm, 200 ml.