Easter is one of the most important holidays of the year, full of religious significance, beautiful traditions and a feeling of community. If you are looking for the perfect Easter surprise for a very special woman or girl in your life, here you have a lot to choose from. We offer a wide variety of unique gifts and gift packages, many of which can be personalized after your wishes with an image and/or text, so you can give your important person a truly memorable holiday gift.


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Easter Gift Package with Tea and Ornament

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Price lei224.00

This Easter gift package contains the following products: a box of Pickwick strawberry tea, Sorini chocolate pralines, a box of brown sugar cubes, a chocolate bunny, a box of Leonidas chocolate, an elegant wooden ornament for the door or the wall, and a double-walled stainless metal mug with a clasp in the handle (capacity: 200 ml). The mug can be personalized with any short text you wish, this personalization is included in the price. All products are stylishly arranged in a wooden Easter gift box.

Box size: 23,5 x 23,5 x 11 cm.

Easter Gift Package with Tea

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Price lei198.00

A stylish Easter gift package, containing the following: a box of Pickwick strawberry tea, Sorini chocolate pralines, a chocolate bunny, a small ornament in the shape of an Easter egg, a box of Leonidas chocolate, and a double-walled, stainless metal mug with a clasp in the handle (capacity: 200 ml). All these are arranged in an engraved wooden box with a special holiday design. We can engrave any text you wish on the mug, this personalization is included in the price. This gift package can be a unique Easter surprise for men or for women.

Box size: 18,5 x 18,5 x 10,5 cm.

Easter Gift Package with Wine and Coffee

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Price lei385.00

A unique gift package for Easter, with various personalized products. The package contains the following: a semi-dry rosé wine with a personalized label, Sorini chocolate pralines, a box of Leonidas chocolate, a chocolate bunny, a box of brown sugar cubes, a wooden Easter greeting card, and a packet of roasted Stravagante coffee (blend: Donizetti), with a personalized label. All these are stylishly arranged in an engraved wooden box, personalized with a special holiday design.

Box size: 34 x 26,5 x 10 cm.

Playful Wooden Easter Decoration

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Price lei45.00

Playful Easter decoration made of wood, produced by MrGift, in the shape of a tree decorated with Easter figurines. The figurines can be attached to the tree. It's an adorable Easter gift for the whole family. Every piece is made of quality wood, on request they can be personalized through engraving or colored through printing.

Sizes: tree base 20 x 15 cm, tree height 32 cm.

Two-Tiered Easter Egg Holder

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Price lei28.00

Two-tiered wooden Easter egg holder with 12 holes to place the eggs into, produced by MrGift. It can also hold candy or small chocolates, and can be an interesting accessory for the Easter table. On request we can include a wooden greeting card.

The image is informative, the holder is NOT sold together with the eggs. Attention!! The egg holder is made for small eggs or chocolates the size of quail eggs, NOT normal-sized eggs!!!

Size: lower tier's diameter: 16 cm, upper tier's diameter: 8 cm, height: 13.5 cm, diameter of holes is 2.4 cm.

Wooden Easter Egg Basket

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Price lei43.00

Stylish wooden Easter egg basket produced by MrGift, it can be filled with eggs, sweets, decorations or a combination of all three. An elegant, tasteful Easter gift or accessory for your home.

Size: length 22.5 cm, height 21 cm, maximum width 17 cm.

Personalized Zippie Bunny Rabbit Plushie

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Price lei131.00

Personalized Zippie Bunny Rabbit plushie. Give a special gift to those important to you, with an adorable bunny plushie, which can be personalized on the white parts.

Bunny height: 45 cm. Material : 100% polyester. Available colors: white and light gray. ONLY hand washing is recommended.

40*40 Pillow with Your Photo

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Price lei67.00

White decorative pillows in 40 x 40 cm size, which can be personalized through sublimation with any text, image or the combination of the two, on both sides of the pillowcase. The personalization on one side is included in the price, if you choose personalization on the other side as well it adds 25.00 lei to that.

Wooden Wall Decoration - Welcome

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Price lei35.00

Wooden decorative tablet for the wall, size: 42 x 15 cm. It can be personalized with any text and/or design through engraving or UV printing, these are included in the price. You can upload your chosen text and image in your order. It's a special gift for any occasion.

Wooden Door Wreath

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Price lei53.00

This door wreath was born from a combination of wooden decorations, natural dried plants and artificial flowers. It's a pretty, cheerful decoration for any home, especially in the spring season.

Diameter: 21 cm

Owl Wooden Flower Box

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Price lei34.00

Wooden box for flowers or plants, engraved with a friendly owl design, produced by MrGift. A special gift for any occasion. Size: 10 x 10 x 11 cm.

"Tree of Life" Wooden Plant Holder

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Price lei34.00

"Tree of Life" engraved wooden plant holder, produced by MrGift. A special gift for any occasion. Size: 10 x 10 x 11 cm.

Pastel-colored Wooden Wreath

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Price lei72.00

A simple, but elegant arrangement for doors with a cheerful spring look. The pastel-colored artificial flowers are arranged on a wooden door wreath with 30 cm diameter.

Also contains a tiny wooden house of 8 x 10 cm size.

Easter Flower Basket

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Price lei43.00

Wooden flower basket for Easter, produced by MrGift. Size: 22 x 15 x 25 cm. Includes a decorative wooden plaque, personalized for Easter through engraving or UV printing. Filled with flowers, plants or Easter goods it can be a wonderful holiday gift.

Wooden Wine Box - Hristos A Inviat

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Price lei41.00

Wooden wine box with handle built into the side, produced by MrGift. The box is personalized with special design and Romanian text for the Easter holidays. The initial price does NOT include the wine, but you can order the box together with one of two varieties of quality wine personalized with a custom-made label (with any text or image), changing the price.

Size: 10 x 10 x 36 cm.

Wooden Wine Box - Paste Fericit

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Price lei61.00

Wooden wine box with a handle built into the sides, manufactured by MrGift. The box is personalized through engraving with a special Easter message. The initial price DOES NOT contain the wine, but the box can be ordered together with one of our quality wines, which can be personalized with a special label with your own text or even photo.

Size: 10 x 10 x 36 cm.

Large Wooden Flower Box

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Price lei26.00

Large wooden flower box, manufactured by MrGift. Size: 15 x 15 x 13 cm. It can be personalized on each side by engraving or UV printing, becoming a special gift for any occasion.

"Love" Wood and Acrylic Plant Holder

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Price lei57.00

"Love" plant holder made of wood and acrylic, manufactured by MrGift. An elegant, special gift for any occasion. Size: 10 x 10 x 11 cm.

Wooden Handbag Box

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Price lei85.00

Wooden handbag type box manufactured by MrGift, with complex and stylish design. Size: 19.5 x 13 x 13.5 cm. A unique gift for any occasion, or a special gift box for special gifts.

Alexandra Women's Leather Wallet

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Price lei175.00

High-quality natural leather wallet for women. It is available in black with an edge in a different color, giving the wallet a special elegance. It is placed into a box which is included in the purchase; can be personalized through engraving with a short text.

Size: 95 x 165 x 30 mm

Mug with Artificial Flowers

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Price lei78.00

An arrangement containing a mug which can be personalized with any requested text or image, and an assortment of carefully arranged dried and/or artificial flowers. It is a simple but special gift for any occasion. The flowers or their shades can vary from product to product, each MrGift arrangement being unique. You can choose the mug with green, red, blue or yellow interior. You can upload in your order any photo for the mug, even a text if you wish. The price contains the personalization.

Semiround Natural Rock

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Price lei65.00

Natural stone plaque in a semiround shape, it can be personalized with any requested photo and the colors will never fade. The price includes the personalization, as well as a small desk stand the plaque can be placed into.

Size: 200mm x 200mm x 90mm.

Spring Gift in Envelope Box

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Price lei185.00

An arrangement designed with heart to make a special impression on Valentine's Day, Women's Day, or in any other special moment.

A combination of gerberas, miniroses, Peruvian lilies and scented freesias are arranged in a perfect harmony of colors, with great attention to detail, in a 20x7x30 cm size envelope-shaped box, giving it the look of a spring letter; the arrangement is combined with a pen and pencil set made of rosewood. The wooden label on the box, the writing instruments and the pen holder can be personalized through engraving with short texts, names or logos, the personalization of the writing instruments changes the price.

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Purse Hook in Gift Box

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Price lei13.50 Regular price lei27.00

Metal purse hook, placed in a gift box, available in four colors. It can be personalized by engraving, the personalization raises the price.

Size: 4.4 x 0.5 cm