Vacation and Travel

Summer vacations for the kids, leave from work for the adults - these represent a very important part of our annual rest and relaxation. Being far away from school and the workplace and visiting beautiful places make it easier to unwind and prepare for new challenges. In this category you will find unique and practical accessories for longer or shorter trips as well as children's vacation activities, which can be personalized so you can keep track of them more easily, or just to give them a stylish, special look. We hope you spend your summer break in the place of your dreams, just don't forget these useful items!

Vacation and Travel

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400 ml White Water Bottle with Clasp

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Price lei35.00

400 ml water bottle made of painted aluminum, with clasp and antileak cap.  This water bottle is imprinted in colors with a requested text or photo.Tthe price si containing the personalization. 

Size: 6.6 x 17.5 cm

Bamboo Jewelry Box

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Price lei53.00

Small jewelry box made of natural bamboo, with a detachable mirror inside the lid. A simple, but stylish and also very useful gift for women, in which they can store their favorite jewelry during a trip, or simply just to save some space. The product can be personalized on the lid by engraving, with a short message or simple graphic. As bamboo is a natural product, there may be small differences in the box's color compared to these photos.

Size: Ø8 X 4 cm.

Key Finder Device

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Price lei24.00

Wireless key finder device made of ABS material, available in black, packaged in a white cardboard box. The device functions with a free app (iSearching), available both for iOS and for Android; you just need to attach it to your keys, luggage or other essential items, and with the application, you will be able to easily find your belongings if they are lost. Contains the battery. Size: 5 x 3 x 1 cm.

Drinking Bottle for Water

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Price lei28.00

Red drinking bottle with stainless steel cap. NOT recommended for carbonated drinks. Size: Ø6 X 26 cm, with a capacity of 650 ml.

Foldable Cotton Shopping Bag

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Price lei19.00

Foldable cotton bag, available in two colors, a simple and useful choice for shopping, sport activities etc. Material: cotton, 105 gr/m², with short handles and a string to close it with. Sizes: 38 x 40 cm.

Bonne Nuit Sleep Mask

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Price lei10.00

White sleep mask made of 190T polyester with elastic band, an accessory that can't be missing from any trip. Size: 18,5 x 8,5 cm.

Mushroom Wireless Speaker

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Price lei98.00

Cute, mushroom-shaped wireless speaker. Includes a rechargeable 180 mAh lithium battery, USB cable, and string for transporting it. Output of 4 Ohm, 5V and 3W. Size: Ø6 x 5 cm.

Gentleman Shoe Polish Kit

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Price lei47.00

Elegant travel set for cleaning and polishing shoes, consisting of five pieces in an imitation leather case.

Size: Ø7 x 16 cm.

Bamboo Thermos with Filter

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Price lei130.00

Bamboo thermos with filter and stainless steel interior. The bamboo parts - the exterior and the lid - can be personalized through engraving with a short text or graphic. With the right personalization it can be a superb gift for diverse occasions, such as Easter, Christmas, birthdays etc. 

Price contains the personalization through engraving on the entire circumference of the flask.

Capacity: 400 ml, size:  Ø6.5 X 20 cm.

Amir Tool Kit for Bicycles

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Price lei45.00

Amir tool kit for bicycles - a very convenient set with the most important accessories for bicycle owners. The set contains fifteen tools: keys, screwdrivers and other accessories for reparation. Each tool is made of metal, and they are packaged in a blue case. Packaging size: 12 X 9 X 4.5 cm.

Cork Globe on Stand

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Price lei306.00

Cork globe on stand, with 12 marking pins. Size: 14.5 X 19 cm. Mark your favorite routes or destinations on this globe which can be placed anywhere in the house, being a decoratiive object as well.

Double-walled 500 ml Thermos

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Price lei39.00

Double-walled stainless steel thermos flask with a capacity of 500 ml. Available in several different colors, can be personalized through engraving or printing.

Size: Ø6.5 X 24 cm. Packaged in a white cardboard box.

Curve Thermos

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Price lei51.00

400 ml thermos for hot drinks made of high-quality plastic, with high thermal properties, double walls and a secure locking mechanism on the lid. Available in white or black, can be personalized through engraving or UV printing. Size: 22 × Ø 8,3 cm.

Wint Thermos

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Price lei56.00

This personalized thermos with winter design is made of stainless steel, with a capacity of 350 ml, and can maintain a drink's temperature for up to 12 hours. The thermos has a speciial winter pattern, and an interesting lid which doubles as a mug.

Size: ⌀ 67 x 205 mm. Packaging: a white cardboard box.

On request it can be personalized through engraving, with a name or an important date.

Sol's Ace Visor

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Price lei17.00

Sol's Ace visor, made of 100% cotton, adjustable size with velcro closing. Available in different colors, and can be personalized with a short text.

Double-walled Stainless Steel Mug with Lid

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Price lei35.00

Double-walled 300 ml thermos, with plastic interior and exterior made of painted metal. The mug is available in black, white or blue. The metallic part can be personalized through engraving or UV printing with a short text, making the thermos into a unique accessory.

Size: Ø 7 × 16,4 cm

Classic 400 ml Mug

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Price lei23.00

Double-walled 400 ml travel mug made entirely of plastic, available in four different colors. Can keep a drink's temperature for aboutt 2-3 hours, it is recommended to be transported in the vertical position.

Size: ⌀ 86 x 172 mm

Sport Fruiter 900 ml Plastic Bottle

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Price lei39.00

Sport Fruiter 900 ml plastic water bottle, available in stylish orange, blue and green. It is an original gift for any age category, very practical in camping trips and travel; it contains an infuser into which different teas can be placed, or fruits and herbs, to give the water a special flavor. It can be separated into several pieces, making cleaning very easy.

Belona 650 ml Aluminum Bottle

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Price lei32.00

Belona 650 ml aluminum bottle available in different lively colors, can be personalized through engraving with a short text. A very practical gift for anyone.

Size: 6,6x25 cm

Gunter Pocketknife

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Price lei41.00

Beaver brand pocketknie made of stainless steel and wood, ideal for those who love hiking trips and gathering mushrooms. It can be closed, making it easy to transport safely. On request the wooden part can be personalized, with a short text.

Size when closed: 11,5x1,3x2,6 cm

Deer Thermos

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Price lei48.00

This cute personalized thermos with a deer is made of stainless steel with a capacity of 310 ml and can maintain the temperature of a drink for up to 12 hours. The thermos has a special winter design, and silicon corners on the lid. Thanks to the small strap attached to the thermos, it can be easily transported.

Size: ⌀ 73 x 190 mm. Packaging: a white cardboard box.

It can also be personalized through engraving with a name, or an important date.

Sports Bottle with Clasp

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Price lei18.00

Water bottle for sports, with a metallic clasp included in the cap. It is made of aluminum, with a capacity of 400 ml. Available in cheerful, lively colors: neon pink, neon yellow and neon green. Can be personalized through engraving.

Size: 66 x 145 mm

Glim Travel Alarm Clock

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Price lei45.00

Glim travel alarm clock made of quality metal with nickel finish, in a small box also made of metal, which can be closed and sealed, so the clock can be carried in a pocket. On opening the box, the clock gets raised again. SIze: 6 × 6 × 2,3 cm.

Pliable Umbrella with Wooden Frame

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Price lei31.00

Pliable umbrella with wooden frame, size: 50 cm length, 80 cm diameter when opened.

Material: polyester and wood.

"Vacation Feeling" Floral Arrangement

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Price lei118.00

"Vacation Mood" floral arrangement of white roses and blue Eustoma combined with seashells in a heart-shaped gift box, in a very elegant way. Size: 210 x 210 mm.

Pahar Cu Metal

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Price lei11.00

Pahar din sticla pentru bauturi scurte cu agatator din metal.

Dimensiuni : diam. 44 x 69 mm

Snowman Thermos

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Price lei48.00

Snowman thermos for hot drinks such as tea or coffee, with cheerful winter design. CAN NOT be personalized.

"Hippie Time" Mug

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Price lei35.00

250 ml ceramic mug with colorfuul interior and handle, available in red, dark blue and light blue. The mug is personalized with the special graphic"Hippie time - Just keep moving - Life with no regrets".

Metallic Flask for Water or Coffee

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Price lei35.00
600 ml stainless steel flask for water or coffee with painted metal exterior, which permits personalization through engraving. Available in different interesting colors; an ideal choice for hiking or camping trips.

Zikmund Military Compass

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Price lei21.00

Military compass, made of plastic, can be attached to a backpack or pocket. An excellent gift for those who love hiking.

Size: Ø 5,5x2,5 cm