Easter gifts for children are very different from those for adults. Instead of elegant gift sets, quality wines or decorative objects, children enjoy simple, but interesting and cute gifts, and of course homemade goods; and it's a good idea to choose something with a festive spirit, but something they won't get easily bored of. In this category you can find thematic Easter gifts for children: soft plushies, creative games, and bunny-shaped egg holders and boxes for sweets. These gifts are suited not just for family members, but also for the children of friends or more distant acquaintances: each is something special that any child would be delighted to receive.


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Gift Egg box for Easter

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Price lei29.00

Wooden Easter egg box produced by MrGift, in different types that can be further personalized with any short text or design through engraving .

Size: 5 x 8 x 0.8 cm..

Butterfly LolliePop holder

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Price lei4.00

The small gift for children, but not only with a Lollipop and a wooden support in the shape of a butterfly. It can be personalized with a small text or logo.

Dimension: 50x70x5mm 

Egg box with 5 Engraved Wooden Easter Egg

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Price lei59.00

Double face Wooden Easter egg produced by MrGift, in different types that can be further personalized with any short text or design through engraving .

Size: 5 x 8 x 0.8 cm..

Engraved Wooden Easter Egg

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Price lei4.00

Double face Wooden Easter egg produced by MrGift, in different types that can be further personalized with any short text or design through engraving .

Size: 5 x 8 x 0.8 cm..

Box of 17 Wooden Easter Eggs - Own Production. The 17 wooden eggs are different models and can be colored by children. It is an interesting and creative gift, being a pleasant family activity or during manual work hours at school or kindergarten. Dimensions: box 10x8x10cm

Easter Ornaments with Sticks

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Price lei5.00

Ornaments made of painted pink wood, mounted on thin wooden sticks. You can choose from six available models, with different Easter figurines, or you can order them all together. These ornaments can be placed into the soil of a potted plant, into a vase, or they can be used for other decorative purposes, and can be simple, but cute gifts for children.

The length of an ornament is approximately 26-27 cm, depending on which model you choose.

Wooden Easter Ornament with Name

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Price lei10.00

Cheerful Easter ornaments with bunny ears, made of engraved wood. You can hang them on the wall, with a short string.  These ornaments are available in three colors: white, light natural brown and dark brown, and can be personalized with any name, slogan or other short text, or with a logo; they can be simple, but special gifts for adults or for children.

Size of an ornament: 12 x 5,5 cm.

Easter Wreath with Bunny Ears

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Price lei39.00

A cute round door wreath made of twigs, with pink bunny ears and a nose, and with a small wooden tablet, personalized with a holiday message. The wreath is available in natural brown and white, the brown wreath is decorated with Iceland moss and an artificial flower, and the white one with a ceramic leaf with a ladybug on it. If you wish, we can replace the holiday greeting with any text you wish, the personalization of the tablet is included in the price.

Diameter of wreath: 20 cm.

Easter Gift Package for Kids

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Price lei48.00

This gift package contains various sweets (a Kinder egg, Sorini chocolate pralines and others), and a wooden game of your choice: tic-tac-toe, or a simple personalized puzzle (you can choose from three different photos, or send us your own photo or graphic). These are packaged in a paper bag with "bunny ears", tied with a cord that has a wooden bow attached. This bow can be personalized on the left half with any text or graphic (such as a logo, or the name of the child receiving the gift), and on the right half is personalized with a holiday greeting.

Size of tic-tac-toe game: 8 x 8 x 0,8 cm. Size of puzzle: 11 x 8 x 0,5 cm. Height of package: 23 cm.

Hexagonal Wooden Puzzle

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Price lei12.00

An interesting puzzle for children or adults with hexagonal pieces, available with various images: mandala, an Easter greeting, or a model with any text, logo or graphic you wish, but you can also send us your own photo, text and/or graphic to personalize the puzzle with. This puzzle can be a cute Children's Day or Easter gift.

Size: 8 x 8 x 0,5 cm.

ATTENTION: the game contains small parts that might be swallowed. Not recommended below age 3.

Wooden Easter Ornament for Kids

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Price lei14.00

This ornament made of engraved wood can be displayed on the door or the wall, and has a special trait: the cute figurines in the middle can be colored, taken out and mounted on its round frame. If you hang it on your door, the ornament will look exactly like an Easter wreath (the remaining round piece, after the figurines have been removed, can be used as a template for drawings); it can be a perfect Easter gift for the little ones, or a nice decoration for your child's room.

Width: 20 cm.

Bunny Wooden Candy Box

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Price lei49.00

Bunny-shaped wooden box for candy and sweets with a transparent plastic side, produced by MrGift, can be personalized on the ears by printing or engraving. A little gift that can bring smiles to anyone who receives it. The candy in the box is NOT included, the images are only informative, but on request we can fill the box with candy or sweets, changing the final price.

Size: Height - 21 cm, width - 18 cm, depth can be chosen between 2 cm (for small candies) or 5 cm (for chocolates).

Wooden Bunny with Pocket

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Price lei19.50

Wooden Easter bunny decoration with pocket, produced by MrGift. It can be personalized by engraving a short text or logo on the bunny's pocket, this is included in the price. The bunny can be ordered in three different color combinations with or without personalization, and the pocket can be filled with Easter eggs or sweets. The images are informative only, the bunny is NOT sold together with Easter eggs or sweets.

Rabbit Plushie with Blanket

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Price lei90.00

Soft rabbit plushie, with a small blanket. An adorable toy rabbit holding a blanket of 75 x 90 cm size, it can be a lovely gift for Easter, or other occasions.

Bunny height: 40 cm, material: 100% polyester. ONLY washing by hand is recommended.

Personalized Zippie Bunny Rabbit Plushie

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Price lei131.00

Personalized Zippie Bunny Rabbit plushie. Give a special gift to those important to you, with an adorable bunny plushie, which can be personalized on the white parts.

Bunny height: 45 cm. Material : 100% polyester. Available colors: white and light gray. ONLY hand washing is recommended.

Kite for Kids with Drawing

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Price lei15.00

Kite for children with drawing - a simple, but special gift for any child. The graphic on the kite can be colored with the 4 colorful felt tip markers included with the toy. Available in two colors.

Size: 51 × 40 × 0,1 cm

Pastelli Pencil Case with Drawing Kit

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Price lei32.00

The Pastelli pencil case is a very useful accessory for the tiny artists. The pancil case's cover includes a drawing which can be colored; it contains a small coloring book, 6 colored pencils, a graphite pencil, a sharpener and an eraser. It can be a fun leisure activity for kids, as well as an important accessory for school. A perfect gift for Christmas, Children's Day, or indeed any occasion when you wish to surprise your child.

Size: 140 x 212 x 20 mm

Hanorac Gildan pentru Copii cu Gluga

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Price lei55.00

Hanorac Gildan pentru Copii cu Gluga, confectionat din 50% bumbac, 50% poliester, grosimea materialului 257 g/mp, un buzunar tip cangur in fata, material foarte moale, rezistent si placut la purtare. La cerere se poate personaliza cu orice text sau grafica pe spatele hanoracului, sau deasupra buzunarului.

Pretul personalizarii variaza intre 15 - 100 lei, depinzand de felul si marimea graficii.

Tricourile personalizate se spala cu mana, pe dos, la maxim 30 grade Celsius, NU se foloseste inalbitor, NU se calca direct pe grafica !!!

Marimi:          XS         S         M            L          XL   

Dimensiuni: 50/41   54/43   57/46    61/48   65/51 

Plastic Pig Piggy Bank

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Price lei11.00

Plastic piggy bank in the shape of a friendly pig, available in different colors, can be personalized by printing directly on its surface.

Size: 7,3 × 9 × 7 cm

A cute gift for any child.

Wooden Easter Egg

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Price lei1.00

Wooden Easter egg produced by MrGift, in different types that can be further personalized with any short text or design through engraving or UV printing.

Size: 4.5 x 6 x 0.4 cm.

Bidon Copii Albastru Deschis Insertie Foto

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Price lei25.00
Greutate 90 grame
Inaltime 13,5 cm
Volum 200 ml
Material plastic
Diametru baza 5,9 cm
Diametru superior 7,5 cm
  • Partea superioara  a bidonului se detaseaza si apoi se introduce poza. 
  • Este prevazut cu capac sigilabil, ideal pentru transport si pentru masina.
  • Cana este fabricata integral din plastic.

Puppy Plushie

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Price lei16.00

Puppy plush toy, with a label for personalization. Available in brown and white.

Size: 19 x 12.5 x 17 cm

Panda Bear Plushie

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Price lei19.00

Panda bear plush toy, with a small label that can be personalized. Available in black and white.

Size: 13.5 x 17 cm

Mouse Plushie

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Price lei70.00

Mouse plush toy available in neutral gray, containing a small label which can be personalized.

Size: 20 x 17 x 20 cm

Puppy Plush Toy

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Price lei32.00

Puppy plushie in a combination of brown and white colors, made of soft material. The toy has a height of 31 cm.