Wedding anniversary

Maybe you're celebrating a milestone of your own marriage with your beloved wife, maybe you have been invited to the anniversary celebration of a couple in your family or circle of friends. Either way, if you're looking for a gift suited for a lady on such a special occasion, you need to choose with care. Here you can find a large variety of personalized gifts: tasteful flower arrangements, mugs with a special design or photo, photo albums you can give her full of unforgettable personal photos. The choice is yours - but rest assured that anything you choose from this category will be a lovely gift for her.

Wedding anniversary

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10 Ani de Casnicie T-shirt for Women

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Price lei69.00

Personalized cotton t-shirts for women, Gildan brand, with a special graphic in Romanian for the tenth wedding anniversary. On request, the "2 copii" ("2 children") part of the graphic can be modified. The personalization is included in the price. Available sizes: between S and 2XL.

Personalized t-shirts have to be washed by hand, turned inside out, at maximum 30 degrees Celsius, DO NOT use bleach, DO NOT iron over the printing !!!

Women's sizes:    S         M         L        XL       2XL   

Sizes in cm:      64/41  67/43   69/47  71/50  72/56  

Elegant Mirror with Cork Shell

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Price lei20.00

Elegant round mirror with a cork outer layer. Can be personalized through engraving on both sides. It's a unique, feminine gift, suited for any occasion.

Size: Ø6,2 X 1,6 cm.

Material: metal and cork.

Tea Time Gift Box with Sea Buckthorn

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Price lei128.00

Tea Time gift package in wooden gift box with sea buckthorn. Size: 29 x 11.5 x 10 cm. Contains a personalized mug, a 250 ml jar of honey and 10 tea bags of sea buckthorn tea. On request, the box can be personalized through engraving with any text. A special gift for any occasion. In addition, you can order this gift together with a superb photo calendar in wall or desk format, with a tea theme.

"Casa de Piatra" Floral Arrangement in Box

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Price lei220.00

"Casa de Piatra" gift box - a combination of boat orchids, roses, miniroses and Ornithogalum, carefully arranged in a wooden gift box (20.5 x 14.5 x 8 cm) which can be personalized on the sides or on the lid with engraving or UV printing. The arrangement also contains a message for the newlyweds. The price contains the personalization.

Arrangement size: 23 x 17 x 22 cm.

Wooden Box for 3 Wines

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Price lei112.00

Wooden box for three wines, manufactured by MrGift. On request the graphic can be changed, to contain a message of any kind. Size: 26.5x 9.8x 33.5 cm. 

It can be ordered together with three bottles of quality wine, each of which can be personalized with a label containing your own text or image.

The Muscat Ottonel wine is momentarily unavailable.

Wooden Wine Box with Door

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Price lei69.00

Wooden wine box with a special design, manufactured by MrGift. On request the graphic can be changed, to contain a message as well. Size: 9.8 x 9.8 x 33.5 cm.

The box can be ordered together with one of two types of quality wine, with a personalized label containing your own text or image.

Medium Wooden Owl with Pocket

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Price lei67.00

Medium-sized wooden owl with pocket, produced by MrGift. Offer a special gift for your loved ones with this friendly owl. You can fill its pocket with flowers, sweets, chocolate etc., depending on the occasion. The price does NOT contain the plant in the pocket, the photo is only for information purposes, but you can order the owl together with a plant, changing the price.

Size: 50 x 16 x 17 cm, pocket diameter: 11 cm.

Decoratie de Perete din Lemn - Together

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Price lei50.00

Decoratie de Perete din Lemn - Together - Dimensiuni: 26 x 40 cm. Se poate personaliza prin gravura sau prin imprimare UV, cu orice text sau poza, costul personalizarilor este inclus in pret. Este un cadou special pentru orice ocazie. Puteti incarca in comanda grafica si textul dorit.

V2 Wooden Napkin Holder

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Price lei49.00

V2 wooden napkin holder, manufactured by MrGift. The price and the package does NOT include the napkins. It can be personalized by engraving with any requested short text or graphic. A perfect gift for an engagement party or wedding.

Size: 32 x 21 x 26 cm.

Rounded Photo Album with Three Slots

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Price lei103.00

Wooden photo album for 36 photos of 15*10 cm size, divided into three slots of 12 photos each, and two more photo slots on its sides. The wooden parts can be personalized by engraving, we can also print photos, the price of which will be discussed after the order has been placed.

Size: 20 x 9.5 x 14 cm   

Small Wooden Chest with Roses

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Price lei78.00

An arrangement created with heart to make a special impression on Valentine's Day, Women's Day, or other important occasions. It consists of a small, chest-shaped wooden box, containing three beautiful roses. We can attach a small wooden label to the box, engraved with a short text or a name.

Arrangement size: 10 x 7 x 12 cm, box size: 10 x 7 x 8 cm.

"Wooden Safe" Blooming Box

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Price lei84.00

Floral arrangement in a wooden box shaped like a safe which was made through engraving and manual assembly, with flowers in matching spring colors, an ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries, special moments. We can also add an elegant printed card with your personal message, this raises the price.

Flowers used: miniroses, white freesias and Peruvian lilies. Box size: 11*8*4 cm. Arrangement size: 14*11*9 cm.

Handmade Love Box

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Price lei155.00

This floral arrangement designed and created by us contains miniroses, gerberas and freesias, surrounding a round wooden keychain which can be personalized through engraving, with a short text or a name. The gift box containing the arrangement is made of wood, in the shape of a heart.

Box size: 8 x 10 x 11 cm. Arrangement height: 13 cm.

"Roses from the Heart" Arrangement

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Price lei179.00

This arrangement was created to send a message from the heart to your beloved, on the occasion of Valentine's Day - and not only.

Contains 19 cream-colored roses carefully arranged in a heart-shaped box with a size of 21x21x9 cm, personalized with the text "Love".

Arrangement size: 24 x 24 x 22 cm.

Roses & Chocolate Arrangement

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Price lei164.00

This romantic arrangement contains red roses and Ferrero chocolates, arranged with great attention to details in a heart-shaped gift box. A perfect gift for romantic occasions, and not only.

Size: 15 x 15 x 10 cm.

Rotating Photo Cube

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Price lei70.00

This rotating photo cube has a very elegant design, and can be displayed on a desk at home or the office. It can hold 6 photos, one on each side, the photos need to be of 10 x 10 cm size. Changing them is easy, you just need to remove the plastic sheet protecting them.

The cube has a base it slowly rotates on, through a type AA 1,5V battery (included with the product). It can be rotated in either direction.

Cube size: 11 x 11 cm.

If you wish for us to introduce the photos into the frame, this will cost an additional 10,00 lei.

10 x 15 Photo Album

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Price lei66.00

Photo album for 200 photographs of 10x15 cm size. It is an exceptional gift for any event in the life of a family; it can be personalized by engraving a short text on the cover. It has the advantage that you can write short text next to the photographs, and the cover photo can be changed.

Alexandra Women's Leather Wallet

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Price lei175.00

High-quality natural leather wallet for women. It is available in black with an edge in a different color, giving the wallet a special elegance. It is placed into a box which is included in the purchase; can be personalized through engraving with a short text.

Size: 95 x 165 x 30 mm

Arrangement with Mirror in Handbag Box

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Price lei253.00

Floral arrangement with a deluxe mirror of Nina Ricci brand, in an elegant handbag-shaped box. It is a deluxe gift for any occasion. On request the mirror can be replaced with another gift object, this will change the price of the arrangement as well.

Contains: roses, freesias, Zantedeschia, Gypsophila, among which the mirror is hidden.

Size: 130x245 mm.

Lily Photo Album

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Price lei60.00

An elegant photo album, which can hold up to 200 photos of 10x15 cm size. It is an exceptional gift for any event in the life of a family, and can be made even more special by personalization, with an engraved text on the cover.

Wooden Frame for 6 Photos

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Price lei59.00

Wooden photo frame for 6 photos, each of 10 x 15 cm size, the photo frame having an approximative size of 47.5 x 30 cm. The wooden part can be personalized through engraving with a short text, this raises the price.

Purple and White Arrangement in Oval Box

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Price lei116.00

Purple and white floral arrangement in an oval gift box, containing, Eustoma, Trachelium. With such an arrangement you can make a special impression on important occasions, such as Women's Day, Mother's Day, a graduation, retirement, etc. Size: 230x170x160 mm

On request we can add a message on an elegant printed card, this raises the price with 10,00 lei.

Collage Photo Frame for 6 Photos

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Price lei75.00

Plastic photo frame in the shape of a house. It can hold 6 photos: two of 10x15 cm size, and four of 10x10 cm size. The photos can be introduced through the back of the frame, which can also be hung on the wall. It is a special gift for any important family event, such as Christmas, Easter, a birthday or Mother's Day. Printing the photos is something we also do, and is included in the price; all you have to do is upload the requested photos in your order.

Heart-Shaped Floral Arrangement

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Price lei112.00

Arrangement in a pink heart-shaped box containing various species of dried flowers, a special creation for your beloved. It can be an ideal gift for Valentine's Day or the birthday of the beloved woman. We can add your personal message on an engraved wooden label or an elegant printed card, this changes the price.

Heart-Shaped Slate Plaque

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Price lei60.00

This natural stone plaque is covered with special sublimation varnish, which permits printing with any image and/or text; the printing is high-quality and very durable.

Length - 20 cm

Width - 20 cm

Weight - 640 grams

Thickness - 0,9 cm

Printing Size - 19cm x 19cm

Material - slate

Cupid Pattern Heat Sensitive Mug

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Price lei40.00

Heat sensitive ceramic mug with a cute Cupid pattern on the exterior, which can also be personalized with any text or image that becomes visible when the mug gets heated up.


  • Diameter: 8,2 cm
  • Height: 9,5 cm
  • Volume: 325 ml or 11 oz
  • Weight: 335g

Cryogenized Rose in Glass

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Price lei91.00

A special creation for graduation, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or any other important occasion in life: a fiery red cryogenized rose surrounded by Iceland moss and red hearts, carefully placed in a transparent wine glass. We can add your special message for any occasion on an engraved wooden tablet or an elegant printed card, this raises the price.

Secret Box with Gift

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Price lei157.00

The "Secret Box with Gift" arrangement was designed with heart to help you gift something truly memorable on Valentine's Day, and not only. The creation contains three red roses arranged in a mug with message and a mouse plushie with a red t-shirt that matches the color of the roses perfectly. The t-shirt can be personalized with your message, the personalization raises the price.

Semiround Natural Rock

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Price lei65.00

Natural stone plaque in a semiround shape, it can be personalized with any requested photo and the colors will never fade. The price includes the personalization, as well as a small desk stand the plaque can be placed into.

Size: 200mm x 200mm x 90mm.

"Love You To The Moon And Back" Mug

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Price lei35.00

250 ml colorful ceramic mug, with interior and handle available in red, green, light blue or dark blue, with the message "I love you to the Moon and back".