Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, choose something beautiful and unique to gift to the most important woman in your life. Show your mother how much you love and appreciate her with a special personalized gift, with the help of MrGift!

Mother's Day

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This white ceramic mug is unique, as it can be personalized with anything requested, from photos to special messages for those dear to you. The price contains the cost of the personalization.

Size: fi=8.6 cm, height= 10 cm.

Capacity 0.32 L.

Daffodils 3D Lamp with LED Light for Mother

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Price lei95.00

Decorative 3D lamp made of engraved acrylic, with a stylish 8th March graphic with wooden daffodil flowers; the text in the graphic can be changed to any message you wish. The lamp is available with various functions and accessories, depending on the type of lamp base you order it with. Each lamp base can work with batteries (DOES NOT contain these), from a power source through a micro-USB cable (this is included in the purchase), or with a type B phone charger.

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Memorial tablet 3D

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Price lei168.00

This is a special gift for teachers but also for companies as a memory. from events, teambuidings. It is made from 2 colored wood, in 25x35 cm. It can be personalized  with your photo, your text ad names you choose. 

Hands plaque

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Price lei72.00

This is a special gift for parents, grandparents but also for teachers. It is made from 2 colored wood, in 20x16 cm. It can be personalized  with your photo, your text ad names you choose. 

Mother's Day Fridge Magnet

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Price lei10.00

Fridge magnet made of engraved wood, with an elegant floral design, personalized with a special message for Mother's Day. You can choose from three personalized models, all of which are available in Romanian and in Hungarian. Model 1: "Happy Mother's Day!" Model 2: "For the best Mother!" Model 3: "I love you, Mom!"

Magnet size: 9,5 x 6 cm.

Mama Implinita T-shirt

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Price lei69.00

100% cotton t-shirts for women, Gildan brand, personalized. The price contains the personalization, with a special graphic in Romanian, for mothers: "Sunt o mama implinita ca am baiat si fata" (translation: "I am a fulfilled mother because I have a son and a daughter").

Personalized t-shirts have to be washed by hand, turned inside out, at maximum 30 degrees Celsius, DO NOT use bleach, DO NOT iron over the printing !!!

Women's sizes:    S         M         L        XL       2XL   

Sizes in cm:      64/41  67/43   69/47  71/50  72/56  

Red Heart Ornament with Photo

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Price lei74.00

This wooden ornament has a unique, very elegant heart design, containing a glass tube inside it, where you can place a flower. The left side will be personalized with your photo, which you need to upload in your order; in addition, you can order the ornament as is, or on request we can add a single red rose (adding the rose raises the price; the initial price contains the personalization with the photo, and the glass tube for the flower)Two shapes are available, with different sizes. Surprise your mother, or the woman you love, with this beautiful gift.

Size of type 1: square half 12,5 x 12,5 cm, heart-shaped half 17 x 10 cm, width of ornament: 3,5 cm.

Size of type 2: rectangular half 10,5 x 16 cm, heart-shaped half 20 x 11,5 cm, width of ornament: 4 cm.

Red Heart Ornament with Rose

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Price lei61.00

A unique and elegant gift for a lady, perfect for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day: this ornament with a heart-shaped right half and a lovely decorative pattern, made of engraved wood. The left half of the ornament contains a round glass tube where a flower can be placed (the glass tube is included in the price); you can order this gift as is, or if you wish we can add a single red rose, at extra cost.

Measurements of the left half: 14 x 6,5 cm, measurements of the right half: 17 x 10 cm. Width of ornament: 3,5 cm.

Heart-Shaped Ornament with Photo

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Price lei57.00

This ornament made of engraved wood has a simple, but elegant and stylish design that will be personalized in its middle with any photo you wish; its right side also contains a square hole with a glass tube, into which you can place any flower, or on request we will add a single red rose for you. The personalization with your photo is included in the initial price, and so is the glass tube; if you order the heart together with a rose added by us, it will raise the price. With such a wonderful gift, you can make a very special impression not just on Valentine's Day, but Women's Day and Mother's Day as well.

Size: 19,5 x 16,5 x 2 cm.

Heart-Shaped Ornament with Rose

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Price lei51.00

A simple, but unique and elegant gift for Valentine's Day, Women's Day or Mother's Day: an ornament made of engraved wood, in the shape of a heart, with a square hole in the upper part, containing a glass tube where a flower can be placed. The heart can be ordered as is, or on request we can add a single red rose (at an additional cost), if you wish to make a really special impression. The price contains the glass tube.

Size: 20 x 18 x 2 cm.

A Legjobb Anya Mug

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Price lei35.00

A simple, but heartfelt gift for a mother: the personalized "A legjobb Anya" mug (translation from Hungarian: "The best mother"). The mugs are made of ceramic, white with colorful interior and handle (available in 2 colors, both of which match the graphic perfectly). The personalization is done through sublimation.

Size: 9.5 cm x 8 cm

Capacity: 375 ml

"I love you, Mom!" 3D Lamp

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Price lei89.00

3D engraved acryl lamp with LED light, with the text "I love you, Mom!" available in English, Romanian or Hungarian. Size: height 19 cm, width 22 cm. You can choose the light color from 7 different ones, or you can set it to change continuously. The lamp functions with three AA batteries, or from your laptop/powerbank through a micro-USB cable, or even a phone charger with a type B USB port. The USB cable is included with the lamp.

Offer your mother a truly beautiful gift!

There are 7 different types of lamp base available, with different functions, the details can be found in the description of the 3D lamp category on this site.

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Penta Gift Box with Roses and Chocolate

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Price lei286.00

This gift package is meant for those with sophisticated tastes who wish to give a special gift to their mother, or any other person close to them. The box is made of MDF and has two compartments. The gift package contains 15 natural roses, 500 g of chocolate, the superb two-compartment box, and either a standard message or a personalized one.

"Unicorn Mom" T-shirt

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Price lei85.00

Gildan women's t-shirts, personalized with "Unicorn Mom" graphic. The t-shirts are made of 100% quality cotton, soft material that is very comfortable to wear. You can choose from a large selection of colors. The price contains the personalization.

Personalized t-shirts have to be washed by hand, turned inside out, at maximum 30 degrees Celsius, DO NOT use bleach, DO NOT iron over the printing !!!

Sizes:             S         M         L        XL       2XL   

Size in cm:   64/41  67/43   69/47  71/50  72/56  

Elegant Mirror with Cork Shell

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Price lei20.00

Elegant round mirror with a cork outer layer. Can be personalized through engraving on both sides. It's a unique, feminine gift, suited for any occasion.

Size: Ø6,2 X 1,6 cm.

Material: metal and cork.

Lavender Gift Package in Wooden Box

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Price lei175.00

Lavender gift package in wooden box - an exceptional gift for any lady. Contains: two mini 0.1 l bottles of lavender liqueur, a 250g jar of lavender honey, a sachet with dried lavender, all arranged elegantly in a wooden box produced by us. The box is available with two different designs on the lid. The bottles and the jar can be personalized with custom labels using your own text or image, and the lid of the box can be personalized through engraving or UV printing as well, for an even more special surprise. The price contains all the personalizations.

Box size: 19 x 9 x 18.5 cm.

Gift Package in Chest with Heart Lock

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Price lei187.00

Gift package in wooden chest with heart-shaped lock, a beautiful gift for any lady. Contains: a 70*180 cm black scarf, made of soft, comfortable material, a round purse hook that can be personalized through engraving, and an arrangement of natural dried plants in a wooden box (size: 10*10*17 cm). All these are packaged in a wooden chest that closes with a heart-shaped lock, produced by MrGift. Chest size: 28 x 14.5 x 16 cm. We can also include a wooden label personalized through engraving or UV printing for an even more special gift, the price contains the cost of all personalizations.

40*40 Pillow with Your Photo

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Price lei67.00

White decorative pillows in 40 x 40 cm size, which can be personalized through sublimation with any text, image or the combination of the two, on both sides of the pillowcase. The personalization on one side is included in the price, if you choose personalization on the other side as well it adds 25.00 lei to that.

"La Multi Ani!" Arrangement in Box

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Price lei167.00

La Multi Ani floral arrangement in wooden box - a combination of boat orchids, roses and miniroses carefully arranged in a wooden box (15 x 15 x 7 cm) which can be personalized on the sides through engraving or UV printing, with any text or graphic. The arrangement contains a wooden message; the ribbon around the box can also be personalized with your message. The price contains the personalizations.

Arrangement size: 18 x 18 x 13 cm.

Wooden Tea Time Gift Package with Accessories

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Price lei147.00

Tea Time gift package in wooden box, with accessories. Box size: 29 x 11.5 x 10 cm. Contains two mugs personalized with any requested graphic, biscuits and tea bags. A special gift for any occasion. On request the box can also be personalized with any text, the cost of that is included in the price as well. In addition, this gift can be ordered together with a superb photo calendar in wall or desk format, with beautiful photos of various teas.

Wooden Wall Decoration - Garden

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Price lei25.00

Wooden Wall Decoratiion - Garden - size: 15 x 22 cm. It can be personalized through engraving or UV printing with any text or image, the price contains the personalization, you just need to upload the requested text and/or image in your order. A special gift for any occasion.

“Cea Mai Buna Mama” Arrangement in Mug

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Price lei82.00

A special Mother's Day floral arrangement: a combination of miniroses and freesias in shades of purple, placed in a white ceramic mug personalized with a simple, but heartfelt message. The personalization is done through sublimation, ensuring that it never gets erased. The arrangement can be ordered in Romanian or Hungarian. Arrangement size: 14 x 16 cm.

Romanian text: "Tu esti cea mai buna Mama din lume!"

Hungarian text: "Te vagy a földkerekség legjobb anyukája!"

“Mama Mea” Arrangement in Mug

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Price lei95.00

A special Mother's Day arrrangement made with a combination of zantedeschia, miniroses and gypsophila placed in a white ceramic mug, personalized with a simple, but heartfelt message for this occasion. The personalization is done through sublimation, ensuring that it never gets erased. The arrangement can be ordered with the message in Romanian or in Hungarian.

Romanian message: "Draga mama, esti cel mai bun sfatuitor al meu! Ma simt foarte norocoasa, ca esti Mama mea!"

Hungarian message: " A világnak csak egy Anya vagy, de nekünk te vagy a Világ"

“Te iubesc, Mama!” Arrangement in Mug

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Price lei88.00

A beautiful Mother's Day arrangement made with roses and carnations in a ceramic mug with red interior and handle, personalized with a heartfelt message for this occasion. The personalization is done through sublimation, ensuring that it never gets erased. The arrangement can be ordered with a Romanian or Hungarian-language message.

Romanian message: "Singura persoana care va avea intotdeauna incredere in mine, care va fi intotdeauna langa mine, care ma va iubi intotdeauna... intotdeauna Mama mea"

Hungarian message: "Az egyetlen személy, aki mindig mellettem lesz, aki bízik bennem és feltétel nélkül szeret, az te vagy édesanyám! Szeretlek Anya"

Wooden Box with Silk Flowers

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Price lei82.00

In a "Love" wooden box of 10 x 10 x 11 cm size we have arranged colorful silk flowers, an arrangement designed specially for mothers. Contains a 7 x 10 cm wooden heart which can be personalized with a message, this is included in the price. A beautiful gift for any occasion.

Gift for Mothers in Wooden Box

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Price lei346.00

A unique gift for mothers, containing a three-compartment wooden box, a personalized kitchen apron, a Lemoncello sparkling wine with a personalized label, and a floral arangement of Zantedeschia, Peruvian lilies and freesia, finished with sisal. All personalizations - the graphics and the texts - can be chosen by you, you just need to upload them in your order, they are included in the price.

Box size: 38 x 13 x 14 cm

Arrangement size: 38 x 21 x 31 cm  

May Arrangement in Painted Box

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Price lei114.00

May arrangement in painted box - a wonderful gift for your mother. The box is made of wood, personalized with a message for mothers, with miniroses, eustoma and gypsophila; among the flowers is hidden a decorative wooden spoon, also personalized for mothers. The graphic and the text for personalization can be chosen by you. 

Box size: 18.5 x 11 x 4.5 cm

Arrangement size: 22 x 11 x 14 cm.

Rose in Glass Tube with Wooden Heart Stand

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Price lei64.00

The beauty of this arrangement consists of its simplicity. The heart-shaped wooden stand is personalized through engraving with a special message for mothers. The arrangement contains a beautiful rose placed in a glass tube that goes through the stand in a way that can be a symbol of an arrow piercing the heart. Arrangement size: 14 x 14 x 22 cm. The graphic and the text for personalization can be chosen by you.

Mother's Day Box Arrangement

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Price lei107.00

Mother's Day Box - an elegant cut-flower arrangement for Mother's Day, and not only. Contains gerberas, miniroses, roses and freesias.

Box diameter: 14 cm.

Arrangement size: 16 x 16 cm.

Contains a 4.5 x 2.5 cm wooden tablet, which can be personalized through engraving or UV printing.

"La Multi Ani" Gift Box

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Price lei32.00

La Multi Ani wooden gift box, perfect for any special occasion, having multiple uses. It contains a wooden label on the lid, personalized with the text "La Multi Ani". 

Size: 8 x 8 x 5 cm.