Christmas gifts are many children's favorite part of this holiday. Even if they are too young to fully understand the religious significance and community spirit of Christmas, they can still feel our love and appreciation through the gifts we give to them. This is why gifts for children have to be chosen carefully. These Christmas gifts are perfect for children: they are cute, creative and interesting, and will surely bring great joy to the little ones when they see them under the Christmas tree.


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Coins are a special gift, especialz vhen is zour first Christmas togather, with you loved one or your new born. ZOu can choose te engrave a name on the back of the coin.We can engrave it with any text, design or even photo. You can choose from 3 colors, are 3cm in diameter and 3 mm thick.

The price is with the endraved name

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Wooden Hobby Hammer

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Price lei18.00

Wooden hobby hammer, manufactured by MrGift. Available in two sizes : LARGE - 25.5 x 12 x 3.3 cm, SMALL - 22 x 10 x 2.2 cm. It can be personalized on any part by engraving or UV printing, with any requested message, for a unique gift. It is only a decoration and cannot be used as a hammer.

Double-walled 500 ml Thermos

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Price lei39.00

Double-walled stainless steel thermos flask with a capacity of 500 ml. Available in several different colors, can be personalized through engraving or printing.

Size: Ø6.5 X 24 cm. Packaged in a white cardboard box.

Personalized Santa Plushie

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Price lei93.00

Cute Santa plushie made of 100% polyester. Height: 42 cm. It can be the perfect Christmas gift for anyone. Its white part can be personalized with any image, text or graphic, the price contains the personalizaition.

"Snowman" Cotton Gift Bag

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Price lei23.00

Christmas gift bag made of 100% cotton with a stylish winter holiday snowman motif, size: 38x45 cm, closes with a cord. The perfect packaging for any holiday gift.

HO HO HO Jumper X-Mas Children's Sweater

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Price lei86.60

HO HO HO Jumper X-Mas Children's Sweater

85% acrylic fabric, 15% wool, 390 g/square meter thickness, with winter motifs.

Available sizes:          4/6   6/8   8/10   10/12

Kite for Kids with Drawing

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Price lei15.00

Kite for children with drawing - a simple, but special gift for any child. The graphic on the kite can be colored with the 4 colorful felt tip markers included with the toy. Available in two colors.

Size: 51 × 40 × 0,1 cm

Peti Christmas Coloring Socks

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Price lei8.00

Peti Christmas coloring socks, with a cute cat graphic that can be colored. It is a great accessory for Christmas gift from kids; aside from them receiving a gift, they can also color this small felt sock.

Size: 190 x 390 x 2 mm

Pastelli Pencil Case with Drawing Kit

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Price lei32.00

The Pastelli pencil case is a very useful accessory for the tiny artists. The pancil case's cover includes a drawing which can be colored; it contains a small coloring book, 6 colored pencils, a graphite pencil, a sharpener and an eraser. It can be a fun leisure activity for kids, as well as an important accessory for school. A perfect gift for Christmas, Children's Day, or indeed any occasion when you wish to surprise your child.

Size: 140 x 212 x 20 mm

Plastic Pig Piggy Bank

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Price lei11.00

Plastic piggy bank in the shape of a friendly pig, available in different colors, can be personalized by printing directly on its surface.

Size: 7,3 × 9 × 7 cm

A cute gift for any child.

Barva Set of 6 Colored Pencils

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Price lei6.00

Barva set of six colored pencils packaged in a small cardboard box. A simple, but creative gift for children, perfect for kindergarten or school.

Size: 45 x 90 x 8 mm.

Santa's Bag of Gifts

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Price lei88.00

Santa Claus-themed gift package, containing a Christmas-themed gift bag made of synthetic material, a Domino game with Christmas patterns, a Santa pencil, chocolate and a plastic toy car full of sweets.

Size: 200 x 220 mm, handle length: 340 mm.

Bidon Copii Albastru Deschis Insertie Foto

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Price lei25.00
Greutate 90 grame
Inaltime 13,5 cm
Volum 200 ml
Material plastic
Diametru baza 5,9 cm
Diametru superior 7,5 cm
  • Partea superioara  a bidonului se detaseaza si apoi se introduce poza. 
  • Este prevazut cu capac sigilabil, ideal pentru transport si pentru masina.
  • Cana este fabricata integral din plastic.

Body for Kids

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Price lei43.00

Body for young children, made of 100% cotton, available in four colors. It can be personalized with any requested text, or a graphic in a single color. The personalization is included in the price, at a maximum size of 21x14cm.

Size: Age in months:   3/6   6/12   12/18   18/23

            Length (A):      40     42       44        46

            Width (B):       21     22       23        24


                of child:   60-67   68-74  75-81  82-86

Puppy Plushie

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Price lei16.00

Puppy plush toy, with a label for personalization. Available in brown and white.

Size: 19 x 12.5 x 17 cm

Panda Bear Plushie

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Price lei19.00

Panda bear plush toy, with a small label that can be personalized. Available in black and white.

Size: 13.5 x 17 cm

Mouse Plushie

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Price lei29.00

Mouse plush toy available in neutral gray, containing a small label which can be personalized.

Size: 20 x 17 x 20 cm

Puppy Plush Toy

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Price lei32.00

Puppy plushie in a combination of brown and white colors, made of soft material. The toy has a height of 31 cm.

Colorful Crayon Set

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Price lei13.00

Set of crayons in various colors, packaged in a practical cardboard box. Whether it's a holiday, birthday, nameday, Children's Day or any other occasion, you will definitely have success with these colorful crayons, to which you can also add a pretty coloring book. This way you can have a perfect, cheerful and creative gift that children will surely love.