It's a lovely gesture to surprise our loved ones with gifts for the holidays, and it's easier to choose a gift for a couple than two separate ones for them. From this category of Easter gifts, you can choose something from the home or the garden, a basket for homemade goods, or other useful and pretty gifts based on your own preferences. How well you know the couple in question is also important, as it will make choosing a gift easier. Your gifts can also be personalized, by engraving the couple's initials on them, or anything else you choose. We will make your search for a perfect gift easier, as you can find a large variety here!


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"Happy Easter" Personalized Doormat

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Price lei92.00

Rectangular doormat for home, personalized with a cute Easter graphic, available in three languages (RO, HU, EN); the doormat is made of 100% PVC material, with an anti-slip bottom layer. You can choose from two colors: light brown (size: 41 x 61 cm), and dark gray (40 x 60 cm). A stylish and useful gift for the Easter holidays, or to celebrate a new home.

Easter Gift Package with Wine and Coffee

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Price lei385.00

A unique gift package for Easter, with various personalized products. The package contains the following: a semi-dry rosé wine with a personalized label, Sorini chocolate pralines, a box of Leonidas chocolate, a chocolate bunny, a box of brown sugar cubes, a wooden Easter greeting card, and a packet of roasted Stravagante coffee (blend: Donizetti), with a personalized label. All these are stylishly arranged in an engraved wooden box, personalized with a special holiday design.

Box size: 34 x 26,5 x 10 cm.

Wooden Easter Door Ornament

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Price lei25.00

A nice little wooden ornament for the door or the wall, with cute holiday figurines and decorative elements. This ornament can be an ideal gift for children during the Easter holiday period, or even for adults, for example as a housewarming present.

Width of ornament: 20 cm.

Playful Wooden Easter Decoration

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Price lei45.00

Playful Easter decoration made of wood, produced by MrGift, in the shape of a tree decorated with Easter figurines. The figurines can be attached to the tree. It's an adorable Easter gift for the whole family. Every piece is made of quality wood, on request they can be personalized through engraving or colored through printing.

Sizes: tree base 20 x 15 cm, tree height 32 cm.

Bunny Wooden Candy Box

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Price lei49.00

Bunny-shaped wooden box for candy and sweets with a transparent plastic side, produced by MrGift, can be personalized on the ears by printing or engraving. A little gift that can bring smiles to anyone who receives it. The candy in the box is NOT included, the images are only informative, but on request we can fill the box with candy or sweets, changing the final price.

Size: Height - 21 cm, width - 18 cm, depth can be chosen between 2 cm (for small candies) or 5 cm (for chocolates).

Wooden Easter Egg Basket

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Price lei43.00

Stylish wooden Easter egg basket produced by MrGift, it can be filled with eggs, sweets, decorations or a combination of all three. An elegant, tasteful Easter gift or accessory for your home.

Size: length 22.5 cm, height 21 cm, maximum width 17 cm.

Egg-shaped Easter Egg Holder

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Price lei33.00

Egg-shaped wooden Easter egg holder for 8 eggs, produced by MrGift, a stylish decoration for the festive table. NOT sold together with eggs. On request we can include a wooden greeting card.

Size: diameter 21 cm, height 30 cm, diameter for the Easter eggs 4.3 cm.

Wooden Bunny with Pocket

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Price lei19.50

Wooden Easter bunny decoration with pocket, produced by MrGift. It can be personalized by engraving a short text or logo on the bunny's pocket, this is included in the price. The bunny can be ordered in three different color combinations with or without personalization, and the pocket can be filled with Easter eggs or sweets. The images are informative only, the bunny is NOT sold together with Easter eggs or sweets.

Gift Package in Wooden Relax Box

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Price lei145.00

Gift package in wooden Relax box, of  29 x 11.5 x 10 cm size. Contains a mug personalized with any requested image or text, a wine glass and chocolates. The inside of the box contains velvety synthetic material in a dark red color. It's a special gift for any occasion. On request the graphic on the box lid can be changed, or the wine glass can be personalized with a short text. The personalization of the box and the mug are included in the price, the personalization of the glass changes the price. In addition, you can order this box together with our Tea photo calendar, in desk or wall format (you can view the calendar on our site, under the code SP38).

Wooden Box for 2 Glasses

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Price lei62.00

Wooden box for two wine glasses, manufactured by MrGift. It can be personalized by engraving with any text, or by UV printing with any requested photo or text.

Size: 21 x 15 x 8.5 cm. The glasses are NOT included.

Gift Package with Keychain in Wooden Box

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Price lei196.00

Gift package with keychain in wooden box - an exceptional gift for any family member or acquaintance. Contains: a 40 ml bottle of an alcoholic drink, a round wooden keychain, a pen and pencil set in a matching box, and a wooden writing instrument holder; all these are elegantly arranged in a wooden box with lid, manufactured by MrGift. Box size: 26.5 x 9.8 x 33.5 cm. Each piece of the set can be personalized through engraving or UV printing, including the box lid.

The displayed price contains the personalization on the box's lid, the other personalizations each raise the price.

Gift Package with Wine and Glass

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Price lei204.00

Gift package containing two wines and two wine glasses, arranged in an elegant wooden box, size: 26.5 x 9.8 x 33.5 cm. 

The wines can be personalized with labels with your own text, photo or both, the glasses by engraving with a short text, an important date or a name, and a text can be engraved on the box as well.

The price contains all personalizations.

Other wines can be chosen as well, in which case the price will be recalculated.

Wooden Wine Box with Door

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Price lei69.00

Wooden wine box with a special design, manufactured by MrGift. On request the graphic can be changed, to contain a message as well. Size: 9.8 x 9.8 x 33.5 cm.

The box can be ordered together with one of two types of quality wine, with a personalized label containing your own text or image.

Wooden Door Wreath

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Price lei53.00

This door wreath was born from a combination of wooden decorations, natural dried plants and artificial flowers. It's a pretty, cheerful decoration for any home, especially in the spring season.

Diameter: 21 cm

Easter Gift Package with Wine

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Price lei141.00

A truly special Easter gift: a quality 7.50 dl wine (you can choose from three different types of wine), packaged in a stylish wooden wine box, manufactured by MrGift, with a built-in handle in its upper half. The box and the label on the wine are both personalized with a cheerful Easter design.

The price contains the personalizations. 

Size: 10 x 10 x 36 cm.

Easter Gift with Wine in Box

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Price lei141.00

A special Easter gift package, especially for gentlemen: a stylish wooden wine box produced by MrGift with a handle built into the sides, containing a 7.50 dl quality wine you can choose yourself from two different varieties we sell. The box is personalized through engraving and the wine with a custom-made label, both with a cheerful Easter message.

The price contains the personalizations. 

Box size: 10 x 10 x 36 cm.

Rustic Easter Wreath

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Price lei57.00

A simple, but elegant Easter wreath for your door in natural colors, decorated with ming flowers, dried plants and wooden butterflies, finished with Iceland moss and midolino strings. The festive mood is creatied with a wooden bunny "shadow" placed in the middle of the wreath, which can be engraved with any requested short text. Wreath diameter: 30 cm.

Wooden Basket for Easter Eggs

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Price lei75.00

Wooden Easter egg basket, produced by MrGift. It can be filled with any Easter goods, decorations or sweets, but especially suited for Easter eggs.

Size: diameter 25 cm, height 28 cm.

Wooden Wine Box - Paste Fericit

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Price lei61.00

Wooden wine box with a handle built into the sides, manufactured by MrGift. The box is personalized through engraving with a special Easter message. The initial price DOES NOT contain the wine, but the box can be ordered together with one of our quality wines, which can be personalized with a special label with your own text or even photo.

Size: 10 x 10 x 36 cm.

Wooden Easter Egg Holder for 10 Eggs

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Price lei27.00

Wooden Easter egg holder for 10 eggs with a cheerful bunny design, can be personalized through engraving or UV printing with any short text or graphic. It IS NOT sold together with Easter eggs, the photo is only for informational purposes.

Size: 33 x 13 x 5 cm.

Crate with Handle Full of Flowers

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Price lei150.00

This cheerful plant arrangement contains: a potted ivy, hyacinth and double daffodil bulbs, finished with sisal and Iceland moss, stylishly arranged in a small wooden basket produced by MrGift. On request, the basket can be engraved with a sort text.

Arrangement size: 23 x 15.5 x 40 cm.

Collage Photo Frame for 6 Photos

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Price lei75.00

Plastic photo frame in the shape of a house. It can hold 6 photos: two of 10x15 cm size, and four of 10x10 cm size. The photos can be introduced through the back of the frame, which can also be hung on the wall. It is a special gift for any important family event, such as Christmas, Easter, a birthday or Mother's Day. Printing the photos is something we also do, and is included in the price; all you have to do is upload the requested photos in your order.

Flower Basket with Hyacinth

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Price lei114.00

Flower basket designed specially to be the perfect spring gift, with a mix of white and violet colors that gives it an elegant look.

"Dianthus" Spring Mug

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Price lei61.00

Do you wish to offer a unique gift? Then choose our Secret Flower Box brand arrangements in mugs. Made with seasonal plants, they represent spring and nature. We can add your special message or an engraved wooden plaque or printed cardboard, changing the price.

Flower Basket with Ladybugs

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Price lei85.00

This decorative floral basket is composed of Spathiphyllum and Hedera plants, decorated with ladybugs and a white ribbon, and finished with Iceland moss. We can add your personal message on an engraved wooden tablet or a printed card, this raises the price.

Spring Basket

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Price lei94.00

Arrangement in basket composed of different potted plants, such as daffodils, carnations and ivy, finished with Iceland moss. A gift to bring spring cheer into any home. We can add your special message on an engraved wooden plaque or elegant printed cardboard, changing the price.

Grape Hyacinth, A Flower of Spring

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Price lei73.00

Plant arrangement consisting of grape hyacinth (Muscari armeniacum) plants placed in a transparent glass mug, finished with decorative pebbles and Iceland moss. We can also add your personal message on a small engraved wooden label or an elegant printed card, raising the price.

"Paradise" Floral Arrangement

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Price lei124.00

A gift with which you give a part of nature as well. Besides the flowers it also contains an elegant box and other decorations. We can add your special message on an engraved wooden tablet or a printed card, raising the price.